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Offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan
In Person or By Telephone or Skype, Worldwide

Are you looking for a positive, ‘next step forward’ with your partner? If you are in a committed relationship that needs ‘some work’, and you want to feel more enthusiastic, deeply connected and intimate, my ‘NEXT STEP FORWARD’ coaching service was designed for you!

The ‘NEXT STEP FORWARD’ enables you to build upon your strengths as a couple, without getting stuck in the past. It can help you make small, yet powerful changes in your relationship. It takes just an hour of your time, and is less expensive than routine car maintenance!

The ‘NEXT STEP FORWARD’ is a professionally guided, growth-oriented conversation that can be a single, standalone session, or the starting point for couples seeking ongoing relationship coaching.

If you are like many couples, your relationship is basically good, but ‘could be better’. Your relationship may feel ‘stuck’ at times, not living up to it’s potential. You may feel defensive or distant more often than you would like, but you are not in crisis or at risk of breaking up. What’s the right kind of help for you? I created the ‘NEXT STEP FORWARD’ service to meet the needs of couples just like you. (For partnerships that are struggling or face an uncertain future, I offer Marriage/Relationship Counseling — click here for more information.)

  • Builds upon your strengths as a couple, without getting stuck in the past
  • Offers you a place to start reconnecting, building energy, enthusiasm, and greater understanding
  • Is a creative process for ‘taking stock’ of your relationship, engaging in a positive exploration of your views of the relationship and how they fit together.
  • Utilizes a state-of-the-art questionnaire that covers multiple dimensions of a committed partnership, creating an actual picture or ‘snap shot’ of your relationship
  • Identifies which small changes could have the greatest, most positive impact
  • Helps to develop a ‘map’ for ongoing growth, an ‘action plan’ to implement and maintain those changes over time

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  1. Click Here to Sign Up and Purchase Session
  2. You will receive an email with instructions and a link to the online questionnaire. Each of you will separately answer the questions online (it takes about 15 minutes).
  3. I review and combine the ‘snapshots’, and we confirm an appointment by email. If you are within driving distance of Ann Arbor, Michigan we will meet in my office for the sixty-minute session.

      If you live further away, including across the country or overseas, we will meet either by phone, Skype, or SkypeVideo .

      Couples wishing ongoing coaching to help unfold and refine their action plan can arrange for such after the ‘NEXT STEP FORWARD’ session is complete.

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Relationship Coaching
Next Step Forward - $245.00
45-Minute Coaching Session - $125.00
30-Minute Coaching Session - $85.00

The ‘NEXT STEP FORWARD’ will be a great fit if any of these describe you:

  • You are a couple committed to staying together but could use ‘some work’ and want to move ahead in a positive, effective, skilful manner
  • You are a couple who is seeking premarital counseling wanting to get a solid start and to learn how to grow your relationship over time
  • You are a committed couple facing challenging times and want to muster your resources for staying connected and to keep stress from pulling you apart
  • You are committed to staying together, and you or your partner have been reluctant to seek guidance, fearing it would be a negative experience
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