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"Are you experiencing high levels of anxiety, stress, fear or even panic attacks? If so, you are not alone. I’m here to help you. My 25+ years of experience together with the most effective, state of the art methods and techniques available will quickly put anxiety, fear or stress in their proper place once and for all. Take the struggle out of your life! Call me today at (734) 395-2122 to get started right away."

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ANXIETY is a healthy response that’s wired into you to help you cope with real threats to your life and wellbeing. But, anxiety is meant to arise quickly, motivate you to take action, and then fade away soon, returning you to a sense of safety once again. For many people, however, worry or anxiety has become excessive. Rather than a brief reaction, it has taken the form of continual low-grade worry or upset, or even more interfering, has taken the form of panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and post-traumatic stress reactions.

High levels of anxiety can cause your health to suffer, leading to insomnia or non-restorative sleep, and stress-related medical problems. Anxiety can affect your ability to concentrate, to work effectively, to participate in your relationships fully, to live your life freely. It can be as debilitating as a major illness!

The GOOD NEWS is that there are many things you can learn to do to manage anxiety effectively! It takes some new knowledge and learning how to use your mind and body differently, but anxiety can be managed very effectively when you know how. That’s where a professional such as myself comes in. I have been helping people put anxiety, worry and stress in their proper place for more than 25 years, and I can definitely help you too.

How can you tell if it’s time to seek my help in learning to put these problems behind you?

If your answer to two or more of the following questions is ‘yes’, then it’s time to free yourself from this burden:
  • My anxiety is really hard to ignore
  • I find myself avoiding certain situations because of anxiety
  • Anxiety is interfering with my ability to relax or sleep
  • Anxiety plays a role in certain medical problems I have
  • I use alcohol or drugs to lower my anxiety
  • Anxiety is interfering with my work, social activities, or relationships with others
If you are ready now to start putting anxiety & stress behind you I am here to help! Simply call me at (734)-395-2122 for a free 10 minute phone consultation so that we can discuss the way in which my professional services can make a difference in your life.

Would you like more information about anxiety and my approach to working with anxiety problems? I have published a report, “Five Simple Steps To Managing Anxiety” which you can download and read. Not only that, but I will send you the key points for managing anxiety and panic attacks as 6 daily email lessons so that you can easily absorb the information in the report and refer back to it at any time.

Here’s what you will learn:

checkmark on Glenn Burdick webste The Work of Worry—How Anxiety Can Actually Be Helping You

checkmark on Glenn Burdick webste The Difference Between Healthy Anxiety & Anxiety Problems

checkmark on Glenn Burdick webste The 7 Types of Anxiety Disorders

checkmark on Glenn Burdick webste Five Easy Steps to Managing & Overcoming Anxiety

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