Marriage Counseling and Relationship Therapy

Listen: Glenn's Approach to Couples Therapy (< 2 mins.)

Glenn Burdick Are you feeling misunderstood, disappointed in your relationship, unable to discuss certain issues? Are you frustrated? Have your passion and enthusiasm diminished?

What happened?

We all come into adulthood with some 'baggage' from our childhood. Even the happiest of childhoods result in certain frustrations, disappointments and hurt feelings that later become the problem areas that get triggered in our primary love relationship. Couples transition out of romantic love after a year or two and over time discover these problem areas in their relationship. For a relationship to thrive, a couple must find a way to deepen intimacy and connectedness, dissolve long-standing conflicts and significantly improve their communication. But, how do you do this? Unless you were very lucky, you did not come out of childhood having watched your parents doing this successfully. Many of us are thus poorly equipped for dealing with the difficulties of being in a primary relationship, and over time conflicts and frustrations cause us to emotionally distance ourselves. A certain tension is maintained, and our sense of emotional safety is diminished. Left unresolved, this can develop into an emotional stalemate and ultimately divorce. Don't let this happen to you!

You can learn a new way of relating that will transform conflict into connection, and increase your sense of trust, companionship and enthusiasm. Imagine this beginning to be your new reality over the next 2-3 months. Isn't it time to live together with the kind of intimacy and trust you enjoyed earlier in your relationship?

What will it take?

You can develop and maintain a mutually fulfilling love relationship, starting from right where you are now. It will take some discipline and a commitment to making this way of communicating and relating a life-long practice. This is being successfully achieved by couples every day, even couples who had drifted apart, experienced significant conflict, and lost their enthusiasm for the relationship

Typically, you will participate in twelve sessions. You will be guided and coached in new communication skills and interpersonal processes that begin to re-establish a sense of emotional safety in your relationship. Because I will be facilitating your sessions, you will get much farther in your communication than was possible on your own. As your understanding and skill develop, you will develop the ability to communicate in this manner outside of the therapy office. You will get to know your partner better than ever before, and feel highly motivated to respond to their needs. You will develop a life-long ability to communicate your feelings and needs, and hear your partner's feelings and needs, without judgment or defensive reactivity. As a result, understanding, empathy, and intimacy are significantly increased.

The sessions are conducted on a weekly basis, though over time sessions will occur less often. The goal is for you and your partner to be able to reliably and consistently discuss any issue that comes up on your own, just as you did with my facilitation in sessions.

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